San Francisco man facing 50-to-life for multiple child sex assaults over 10 years

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) — A San Francisco man is facing 50 years to life in prison after being convicted of multiple child sex assaults over a 10-year span, the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office said. Robert Thomas pleaded guilty and was convicted of the assaults, which took place between 2001 and 2011.

Thomas, 56, pleaded guilty and was convicted of:

  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child

  • Admitting that the allegation he had a prior strike offense was true

  • Committing a lewd act upon a child

  • Admitting that the offense was committed against more than one victim

  • Admitting the allegation he had a prior strike conviction was true

Decomposed body in RV being investigated as homicide by San Jose PD

“I would like to thank the survivors of these horrific crimes for their courage and for trusting in my office to deliver justice for them,” said District Attorney Brooke Jenkins. “These survivors have waited far too long to receive justice. Finally, Mr. Thomas will now face consequences for his depraved crimes.”

According to the DA, it was discovered in May of 2011 that one victim, identified as Jane Doe, had been sexually assaulted by Thomas since she was 8 years old, in 1998. Thomas would touch her body and threatened to kill her if she told anyone.

The abuse escalated when she was 9, according to the DA, when Thomas sodomized and orally copulated her. When Jane Doe was 12, Thomas attempted to rape her. By the time she was 15, Thomas had raped her on multiple occasions and recorded some of the assaults without telling her.

On each occasion, he threatened to kill Jane Doe and her family members.

Thomas was arrested by the San Francisco Police Department in May of 2011. An investigation revealed he had sexually assaulted other girls and women, ranging in age from 8 to 19, including Jane Doe Two.

Thomas assaulted Jane Doe Two in March of 2001 when she was 12. He woke her in the middle of the night and asked her to come in his direction. While she was sitting between his legs for a massage, he attempted to fondle her body. Jane Doe Two screamed and Thomas pleaded with her not to tell anyone, the DA said.

“This case is a testament to the power and strength of sexual assault survivors,” said Assistant District Attorney Melissa Demetral. “Not only were they incredibly brave to report the abuse, but they also persevered for years as the case made its way through the justice system. They stand together as seven fierce women to reclaim their power, a power that the defendant took from them for so long. I am truly honored to have met and worked with every single one of them. The defendant’s conduct in this case is truly deplorable.”

Thomas is currently in custody and will be sentenced on Feb. 6, 2024.

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