San Francisco Giant Sergio Romo: ‘I Just Look Illegal’

Three days after leaving Detroit Tiger Miguel Cabrera gaping at a called strike to win the 2012 Major League Baseball World Series for the San Francisco Giants, relief pitcher Sergio Romo either verbally balked or made a pitch for the DREAM Act while speaking at the Giants’ victory celebration.

“You look at each one of my teammates, and we all have a different story, but we all have one goal in mind. We all have one job in mind. We all have one, how do you say, [pause] dream, and that’s to become the World Series champions as a group.”

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Romo’s wardrobe selection for the event—a message T-shirt bearing the phrase “I Just Look Illegal”—lends a particular inference to that pause before and emphasis on dream.

Speaking to Colorlines, Monica Novoa, campaign coordinator for “Drop-the-I-Word,” left no room for interpretation on the ace reliever’s messaging:

“Romo used his platform to show how ridiculous the notion is for anyone to be considered ‘illegal.’ He also is pointing to how this dehumanizing, inaccurate language goes hand in hand with racial profiling.”

Back at the World Series celebration, the Brawley, California-born big leaguer further celebrated San Francisco as a city that welcomes “different folks with different strokes” and “different faces from different places.”

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