Samsung's First Official Galaxy SIV Photo Is One Big Tease

Two days ahead of the big reveal of its iPhone rival, the Galaxy SIV, Samsung has posted this first official image of the new phone to Twitter, confirming two facts: The phone says Samsung on it, and it does, in fact, have a screen. From that we can only infer so much, really — it's a smartphone that looks a lot like other smartphones these days. However, the rumorers are guestimating at fever pitch — the Samsung fanboys are rivaling Apple's these days — and have been going into Thursday's announcement under the assumption that the Galaxy SIV screen will come in at 5 inches, which is .2 inches bigger than the Galaxy SIII, and that certainly looks plausible with this photo. Other leaked images and this video — both from less reliable sources suggest the phone will come in a smidge bigger than its predecessor. Otherwise, the whisperers suspect the phone will look pretty similar to the SIII, with different but much better insides — 2GB of RAM, Android 4.2.1, and a 13-megapixel camera (with maybe, but probably not 3D?), and the very fast Exynos Octa eight-core chip — all of which is obviously hard to tell from this Twitter photo:

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