Samsung Takes Jab at iPhone 5 With Fiesty Ad

Samantha Murphy
Samsung Takes Jab at iPhone 5 With Fiesty Ad

Samsung may have lost the patent battle against Apple, but that doesn't the Korean electronics giant has quieted down.

In a new ad shown to Mashable that will start running in various national and regional papers on Sunday, Samsung has stacked the specs of its Galaxy S III smartphone against the newly-announced iPhone 5.

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What's first noticeable about the ad is its tagline, which is an obvious jab at Apple: "It doesn't take a genius." Not only does this reference Apple's "genius" retail employees, Samsung also implies that deciding between the two devices is a piece of cake.

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The Galaxy S III's list of features is much longer than the iPhone 5, and its specs beat Apple's latest smartphone in terms of HD resolution, talk time and RAM. It also features near-field communications (NFC) technology -- not included in the iPhone 5 -- which allows users to pay at checkout with a mobile phone.

The ad also pokes fun at the iPhone 5's specs wording, dismissing Apple's new Lightning dock as a "a totally different plug."

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