Samsung still trying to figure out why iPhone fans are willing to stand in line for hours

Jacob Siegal

iPhone Launch Line Samsung
iPhone Launch Line Samsung

Anyone with a television is likely familiar with Samsung’s Apple-maligning commercials where recent Samsung smartphone owners make Apple fans waiting in line for the newest iPhone look foolish. Why wait in line for a marginal upgrade when the newest Galaxy phone is readily available? Foolish or not, the lines in front of Apple Stores were longer than ever all around the world, and in an interesting turn of events CNET reports that Samsung also showed up at the Fifth Avenue Apple store during the launch with a camera crew in tow, gauging reactions to the iPhone 5s and 5c.

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According to CNET, employees of Samsung Broadcasting Center/Cheil Worldwide (which produces internal training videos) were asking future 5s and 5c owners about whether the line was longer this year and if the crowd seemed more excited than in the iPhone 5 line. One producer from the crew said that ”other companies release new phones, but there’s not as much passion and heat. It’s only Apple. Why? We’re curious.”

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A PR manager from Cheil Worldwide later contacted CNET to clarify that the “visit to the Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan had nothing to do with Samsung Electronics or its business.” The team just happened to be in New York for Maker Faire during the launch and wanted to stop by for the sake of curiosity. We’ll be on the lookout for more commercials either way.

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