Samsung’s share of the Android market doubled in 2012

Dan Graziano

Samsung Android Market Share
Samsung Android Market Share

Samsung (005930) has seen unprecedented growth in the mobile market. Not only has the company dominated the Android operating system, in the past year it also became the number one smartphone and overall mobile vendor in the world. Samsung has been a major player in the Android market since its original Galaxy S smartphone, however in the past year the company experienced growth like no other.

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According to mobile ad platform Millennial Media, Samsung held a 23% share of the Android market in the third quarter of 2011. The firm revealed that the company’s market share doubled in the past year and as of the third quarter of 2012 it totaled 46% of the Android market.

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HTC (2498), which led the market last year and is the second most popular Android vendor, is now a whopping 30 percentage points behind Samsung, while Motorola and LG (066570) have seen their shares fall from 22% and 16% in 2011 to 11% and 9%, respectively.

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