Samsung plugs another $4 billion into iPhone chip-making Texas plant

Brad Reed
August 22, 2012
Samsung accused of worker abuse at eight more factories

Despite all the nasty lawsuits, Samsung (005930) just can’t quit Apple (AAPL). Reuters reports that the South Korean electronics giant plans to spend an additional $4 billion on its chip-producing plant in Austin, Texas to “renovate an existing chip producing line and boost production of system chips.” As 9to5Mac notes, this plant is partially responsible for manufacturing Apple’s A5 and A5X chips for its iPhones and iPads, of which Samsung is the largest supplier in the world. So while Samsung may be angry at Apple for slapping it around on the legal front, it seems the company is still more than happy to have Apple as a prized customer on the manufacturing front.

Read [Reuters] Read [9to5Mac]

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