Samsung phones have officially conquered the world

Brad Reed
Samsung execs will be dancing in the streets if the iPhone 6 gets delayed until October

Mock Samsung all you want for its smartphones’ cheap-feeling plastic builds but its devices were designed to sell by the tens of millions. Strategy Analytics reports that Samsung is now the No. 1 handset vendor for every single region for which it collects data, the first time ever that the company has straddled the globe as the world’s top vendor. Samsung’s general strategy has been to release one or two flagship models a year, such as 2013′s Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3, before then churning out multiple variations of those models such as the Galaxy S4 Zoom, the Galaxy S4 mini and the Galaxy S4 Active. While this strategy has led critics to accuse the company of sending out “gadget spam,” it’s certainly proven effective at moving units to markets in every corner of the world.

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