Samsung, Intel invest in speech analysis company to boost voice command apps

Dan Graziano
BGR News

Samsung Intel Expect Labs investment
Samsung Intel Expect Labs investment

Samsung, Intel and Telefónica have joined the likes of Google and invested in a startup company that specializes in speech analysis, IDC News Service reported. The San Francisco-based Expect Labs created a technology that can analyze and understand conversations in real-time, and then uses that data to find related information. The company previously created an iPad application known as MindMeld that can analyze a conversation and automatically display relevant content such as photos, videos and articles.

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Expect Labs is hoping to take its technology even further, however. Chief executive and founder Timothy Tuttle predicts that in a few years connected devices “will know who we are, understand what we say, and be far more capable of interpreting our intentions and anticipating our needs.”

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The company said that the new investments will help it speed up development and extend its technology to different industry verticals and geographic markets. Samsung said that it looks forward to integrating “new types of intelligent, voice-driven and context aware” applications into its smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

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