Samsung explains how hard it is to make an iPhone 6 ‘killer’

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Has Samsung already given up on its iPhone 6 ‘killer’?

Samsung has already announced one of its two iPhone 6 “killers,” the Galaxy Alpha that’s supposed to compete against the 4.7-inch iPhone 6, and the company’s marketing department is already hard at work trying to explain how awesome the somewhat metallic design of the Galaxy Alpha is. At the same time, Samsung also seems to reveal how incredibly hard it is to create a high-quality device.

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“Here is something you already know, the Galaxy Alpha features a metal frame with curved corner,” Samsung starts its essay on the Galaxy Alpha’s build quality. “The Galaxy Alpha has redefined Samsung’s design aesthetics in many ways; and not surprisingly, it required advanced design techniques and compact construction.”

The company explains in great detail how the metal frame of the Galaxy Alpha is carved, cut and painted, focusing on quality and iconic features – apparently the phone has “signature curved corners” that buyers should really be aware of.

Once the metal frame is finished, the “display is seamlessly connected to the frame’s shine edge – creating a perfect contrast between edged-cutting and matter finish around frame.” Nothing, however, is said about the plastic rear shell, which surely must somehow be added to the phone during manufacturing.

Samsung adds that the Galaxy Alpha is sent through torture tests once it’s built, including drop tests, bending tests and twist tests. The Galaxy Alpha beat all the other Galaxy devices when it comes to accidental drops from various heights, which is Samsung’s weird way of admitting that it still has a smartphone design problem.

“The development and testing process can be very long and challenging in order to produce high-quality devices that meet the needs of consumers worldwide,” implying that building such devices isn’t something Samsung is used to, considering its device spam policy when it comes to Android devices.

A simple search reveals that Samsung’s marketing post contains some nine “metal” references, but no plastic.

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