Samsung’s effort to break Android stranglehold begins in Q1

Zach Epstein
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Samsung and Android. Android and Samsung. Where would one be without the other? It looks like some day we might actually find out. It won’t be anytime soon of course, but Samsung is hard at work developing its own mobile platform with Intel’s help and according to a new report, the first smartphones powered by the new platform could debut as soon as this coming January. After numerous delays, a Samsung executive confirmed recently that the company will not be launching a Tizen phone this year, and it was unclear when a handset might finally launch. Now, a report from South Korea’s Digital Daily suggests that Samsung’s first Tizen phone will debut in the first quarter next year, possibly in January. Tizen as an incredibly steep mountain to climb if it hopes to put a dent in Android’s global market share lead but if there’s one electronics company that is in a position to give a rival platform a fighting chance, it’s certainly Samsung.

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