Samsung Confirms Galaxy Note 4 Via Videos (Report)

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1409162824 675395.46548956661

Talk about a love Note. Samsung today published four videos showing off the features of its Note phablet that seem to imply that the Note 4 will arrive on Sept. 3.

The four colorful, quirky videos each feature a Note owner sharing how the phablet plays into his or her daily life.In one of the clips, photographer/entrepreneur Mark Hunter discusses his favorite features on his Note (maybe the Note 3): the large display, the S Pen, fitness features and playlists. That video ends with him saying, "No way, the Note 4's coming out!" as the screen cut to "9/3/14."

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The other three clips are fun, 1.5-minute-long clips featuring the lives of blogger/model Marta Pozzan, musician/spiritual healer Diva Dompe and barber/artist Dayday Wannaslip. Each video ends with the person talking about how excited they were for the Galaxy Note 4 with the same date being displayed.

While the videos (on Samsung Mobile's YouTube channel) reveal very little about what we can expect from the Note 4, we have a good idea of what to expect thanks to the hardworking rumor mill. In addition to a possible metal body and curved QHD display, the Galaxy Note 4 is reported to carry a speedy Snapdragon 805 processor and a sharp 16-megapixel rear camera.

In addition to the Galaxy Note 4, Samsung is expected to unveil a standalone smartwatch called the Gear Solo during its Sept. 3 event at IFA. That same day, ASUS will likely announce its ZenWatch -- an Android Wear smartwatch. Samsung's rival Apple is also expected to launch the next-generation iPhone on Sept. 9, as well as a rumored iWatch. The first weeks of September are going to be very exciting indeed.

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