Samsung brings its gadget spam philosophy to the world of printers

Brad Reed

Samsung Printer Stereo Smartphone Dock
Samsung Printer Stereo Smartphone Dock

Gadget spam: It’s not just for Samsung smartphones and tablets anymore. Samsung on Thursday unveiled three concepts for new printers that it says “will push the boundaries of innovation in the printing industries” by letting you use your printer as both a stereo and a smartphone dock, among other things.

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The Samsung Indie printer lets you plug your smartphone in and use it to play music on stereo speakers while you print, while the Samsung Wave is a toilet-shaped printer that doesn’t have speakers but does let you dock your smartphone and print content that’s stored on it. Finally, Samsung is showing off the Samsung One & One, which it says is “a mono laser printer” that “allows the user to print using two colors by designating one additional color from cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black.”

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If any of these printers becomes a hit, we expect to see Samsung release a torrent of variations on each of them, including a possible a stylus-equipped Wave Note mini and a ruggedized Indie Active Mega.

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