Samsung’s new 64-bit processor reportedly ready for Galaxy S5

Zach Epstein
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Samsung is reportedly in the late stages of developing a 64-bit mobile processor similar to the one it fabricates for Apple’s latest mobile devices — purely by coincidence, of course. The move by Apple to a 64-bit processor in the iPhone 5s and its latest iPads generated some interesting chatter among industry executives. For example, Qualcomm’s CMO called the move nothing more than a “marketing gimmick,” a comment that Qualcomm later retracted. Samsung seems to think there’s more to Apple’s 64-bit chipset than marketing, however, and cites reports from unnamed Korean press organizations in stating that Samsung’s 64-bit Exynos 5430 SoC is almost done and will be ready for the Galaxy S5 when it launches next year. Numerous reports have already stated that Samsung will move to 64 bits with the S5, and a recent claim suggests the new Galaxy hero phone could debut as soon as this coming January. According to reports, Samsung’s 64-bit chipset will use a 14-nanometer process and will feature eight processor cores as opposed to Apple’s 28-nanometer A7 chip, which is a dual-core SoC.

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