Samsung’s 2013 notebook shipments are looking dire

Jacob Siegal
Notebook sales still appear doomed, but some companies thrive

Samsung continues to dominate the mobile market, from its stranglehold on Android devices to its success with tablets, but the South Korean electronics company is struggling to hit shipment goals when it comes to notebooks. Likely a victim of the declining computer market, Samsung’s “component orders from June to October 2013 were reportedly only 40% of the Korea-based vendor’s original forecast,” Digitimes reports. Suppliers have subsequently tempered their expectations as well with the belief that overall notebook shipments will decline from 13.8 million in 2012 to around 13 million this year. Even the manufacturers have begun to see a decline in revenue as demand fails to meet supply. Samsung’s mobile footprint is going to become increasingly important if other segments of the market continue to fall apart.

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