Sam Milby's camp denies rumours with Catriona Gray

10 Jan – Sam Milby's manager Erickson Raymundo has denied rumours of romance between the actor and Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, following the video of them together at an undisclosed location that went viral recently.

As reported on Rappler, Raymundo, who clarified the issue following some backlash from the public due to the fact that Gray is currently dating long-time boyfriend Clint Bondad, stated that the photos and video were taken at his farm in Tanay.

"During a very brief break from her stay here in Manila I invited Ms. Catriona Gray and her family to visit our farm in Tanay as I have promised them even before the Miss Universe Pageant," Erickson said.

Erickson added that Milby was also there on the same day as the actor was also free.

"I invited [Sam Milby] on the same day since it happened to fall on his free day from shooting so he can see personally the gift I gave him from the farm early on as a Christmas gift," he said, adding that there were several other friends and acquaintances who were in Tanay at the same time.

Erickson also expressed hope that people will not speculate about their relationship, as both Gray and Milby have known each other for some time, having attended the same church.

(Photo Source: Bandera Inquirer)