Sales tax for road improvement to be on Iberia Parish ballot

IBERIA PARISH, La. (KLFY) — In Iberia Parish, a town hall meeting was held to discuss a sales tax to aid in the construction, improving, and maintenance of roads throughout the parish.

In Iberia Parish, a new sales tax geared towards establishing a dedicated road fund will be added to the ballot in late April. This sales tax would aid in the repairing and construction of streets and roads throughout the parish.

Iberia Parish President Larry Richard held a town hall meeting earlier this evening to discuss and educate the public about a 0.75% sales tax that will be added to the April 27 ballot. Richard says if passed, the tax will be utilized as a dedicated road fund to improve, construct and maintain roads in unincorporated areas throughout the parish.

“That’s 3/4 cents sales tax only in the unincorporated area of Iberia. The infrastructure in the area is a major, major issue,” said Richard.

The only areas that cannot vote on the sales tax are New Iberia, Jenerette, Loreauville and Delcambre. Richard says this is the second time the sales tax will be placed on a ballot after it was voted against in 2016. People asked questions and shared their stance on whether or not the sales tax should be voted on again since this will be the second time the sales tax will be on the ballot.

Richard says although the parish is need of assistance when it comes to improving the unincorporated roads in Iberia Parish, he just wants everyone to be informed about what will show up on the ballot.

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“And I like to tell people, of course as the parish president and elected official, I can’t tell anyone how to vote. So, what I’m doing tonight is simply trying to educate you on what is going on in this parish,” said Richard.

If approved, the tax will only be in effect for ten years and only be used for road improvements.

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