SafeSense Is the First AI Technology to Keep Cyclists Safer

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Riding a bicycle usually means sharing a road with other vehicles and that can create certain dangerous scenarios, especially since cyclists are more exposed than cars. Philadelphia based startup called SafeSense is attempting to save lives and reduce bicycle accidents by providing an early warning system for cyclists.

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SafeSense has an artificially intelligent sensor which can recognize objects and detect vehicles behind a bicycle and if the sensor detects incoming danger, a pair of handlebar grips will flash red and vibrate. According to SafeSense, they are making handlebar grips and tapes that can fit more than 90% of the bicycle handlebars. The artificial intelligence makes the sensor a bicycle companion because it learns from the riding style and recognizes environments to tune the alerts accordingly to minimize false alerts. Once a potential threat is detected, the sensor starts recording that instance and this feature rids cyclists of recording entire rides and sifting through hours of recordings. Additionally, a user can look at the videos later through the SafeSense app and identify if the threat was real or not to help SafeSense learn more and improve the alerts. The company claims that SafeSense is theft proof and the battery can last for more than 17 hours of usage.

According to the founder and CEO, Jibran Nabeel, the team behind SafeSense are all cyclists and they have designed the product with cyclists and their usage and needs in mind. SafeSense is not available yet but is set to launch a Kickstarter campaign soon. To sign-up to be notified when the SafeSense campaign launches, head the to the company’s website.

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