'Safer Internet Day' Raises Important Topics


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Teens are sexting, kids are stunting their emotional development by using smart phones, and now children are getting their very own Vine app. Like it or not, parenting in the digital age offers a unique set of challenges.  

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Whateverconcerns parents may have about technology, research from the Family Online Safety Institute reports that 93 percent believe their child is at least somewhat safe when he or she is online, although just 37 percent say their child is “very” safe. To continue a dialogue about parenting and technology, Yahoo Parenting and Yahoo Tech have rounded up a selection of stories highlighting technology, children, and families in celebration of Safer Internet Day on February 10.

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This year marks the 12th annual event, acknowledged in more than 100 countries and established to highlight emerging Internet issues from cyber-bullying to social networking as a way of encouraging children, parents, teachers, industry leaders, and politicians to work together to “build a better internet for all, but particularly for children and young people,” according to Safer Internet Day.  

For every other day of the year, there’s Yahoo’s Safety Center, which features articles and resources about the varied ways to protect your online data. Suggest some yourself or read more advice at Yahoo’s Answers’ “What do you think people can do to create a better and safer internet in 2015?” discussion.

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