Rutgers board member had called for coach's firing

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Rutgers University professor Beryl Satter, Ph.D., interrupts president Robert Barchi as he addresses a town hall meeting Monday, April 8, 2013, in Newark, N.J. Barchi announced Monday that Rutgers officials are reviewing practice videos of all sports to see if any coach engaged in behavior like the type that cost men's basketball coach Mike Rice his job, and the university is planning to hire a consultant to do an independent review of how the university hired Rice.(AP Photo/Mel Evans)

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The lawyer for a Rutgers Board of Governors member says he called for former basketball coach Mike Rice to be fired back in December.

The chair of the governing board said Monday that athletics committee chairman Mark Hershorn was the only board member to view video of Rice back in December. The recording showed Rice in practice shoving and kicking players and using gay slurs as he berated them.

But lawyer Jennifer Joseph says that statement neglected to say that Hershorn immediately called for Rice to be fired.

She would not say where Hershorn made that request.

Gov. Chris Christie and others have suggested that the board member should step down.

Christie on Monday called Rice an "animal."

Rice was fired last week after the video was made public.