Rustic doesn't come cheap; Pine Island log cabin asking price just below $1 million

Aug. 25—PINE ISLAND — Ever wanted a cabin in the woods to be your home in the countryside? This Pine Island home at

8848 60th Ave. in Pine Island, Minnesota

, may be the perfect place for you then as it enters the real estate market for the first time in its ownership history.

Owner Jenny Mattson and her husband built the home with the help of Chatfield based architect Bob Connaughty in 1987.

"We like the outdoors and we like living in the country, and it's just something different than what everybody else in the world has," said Mattson on her longtime home.

The home is built around a center fireplace in the main living room that holds up the structure of the home. The log walls come from trees that were up in Montana in the 1980s, but were torn down due to a forest fire in that decade, Mattson said.

"They're 12-inch logs and they let the trees stand in dry, so the wood was dried when they cut the trees down, and then they sent them through a mill so the logs lay on top of each other like convex, concave. Then you've got huge nails that go from one log to the next that hold them together and also on top of each other for the walls," said Mattson.

The home is currently on the market for $975,000 and offers three bedrooms and bathrooms totaling at 1,890 square feet of space. The Mattsons have been the only owners of the property and are hopeful the next owner can cherish the space as much as they have over the years.

There are a total of seven sliding glass doors on both stories of the home for people to soak in the outdoors on the property. Each bedroom has its own sliding glass door for the outdoor enjoyment at night.

One of the unique features of having a log cabin type home is the way in which it is heated and cooled during the seasons. The property runs on propane with in-floor heating and forced air. The center fireplace helps to keep the whole home heated in the winter with the logged walls.

"Being that the logs are so big, once you get the house warmed up it stays pretty warm and the same with the coolness of it during the summer," said Mattson.

Over the years, the attached garage of the home has been used as a man cave space for Mattson's husband. There is also a secondary garage detached from the home across the gravel driveway of the home.

The basement still remains unfinished leaving endless ideas for the next owner to utilize the space.

The property covers 45.87 acres of land. There are currently no open houses scheduled for the property listing. Anyone interested in scheduling a tour of the property can contact Edina Realty listing agent Steve Sherwood at

or call 507-261-7960 for an appointment.