Russians training in Belarus, no offensive group formed, says State Border Guard Service

Military personnel of the Russian Federation and Belarus
Military personnel of the Russian Federation and Belarus
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He said that while Russian units are at training grounds in Belarus, where they are conducting exercises, “there is no creation of the (kind of) offensive group that would be (needed) to invade from the territory of Belarus."

“Russian units in Belarus are at training grounds where they are conducting drills or undergoing training.”

According to the spokesperson, the redeployment of the units that have already completed their training is being completed, and since the beginning of January, new units have been brought to Belarus to conduct combat coordination and training.

The situation is being closely monitored by Ukraine's intelligence units, including the State Border Guard Service, which is recording everything that is happening across Ukraine’s northern border.

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Belarus continues to support Russia's armed aggression. Joint exercises between the units of Belarus and Russia are constantly taking place on its territory. Since Jan. 16, there have been exercises for the aviation component, which were announced to end on Feb. 1.

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Demchenko said that the main task for the Ukrainian military now in this sector is to maintain a strong defense.

On Jan. 30, State Border Guard Service spokesman Andriy Demchenko said that there were only about 9,000 Russian troops in Belarus.

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