Russians' tactics are becoming increasingly terroristic due to lack of success

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence says that the Russians are in despair due to their lack of success at the front and are using more and more terror tactics.

Source: Lieutenant General Oleksandr Pavliuk, First Deputy Minister of Defence, during a meeting of the Congress of Local and Oblast Authorities under the President of Ukraine, reported by Ukrinform

Quote: "The Russians are in despair. Due to their lack of success at the front, their tactics are becoming more and more terroristic: they are attacking regions, killing the civilian population, destroying the infrastructure."

Details: Pavliuk emphasised that the defence forces of Ukraine are relentlessly regaining control over Ukrainian cities, villages and towns.

He added that with the return of the Ukrainian flag to the liberated territories, life is being restored there, and this process is one of the most difficult challenges to be overcome in Ukraine.

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