Russians plan offensive actions for February, says analyst

Russians plan offensive actions for February, says analyst
Russians plan offensive actions for February, says analyst

“The Russians have clearly planned offensive actions for February,” he said.

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“It might even start next week. If it doesn’t, it’s only because the Russians have problems with planning and execution,” Danylyuk said.

However, he added, the quality of the Russian units will be worse than those that attacked Ukraine on Feb. 24, 2022.

“Meanwhile, we must understand that we were very lucky then that those marching columns, which were absolutely not prepared for military resistance, were easy prey for the Armed Forces,” Danylyuk said.

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“Such a situation will no longer exist. There will be normal logistics and many other things. The most important thing is that there will be a quantitative advantage, which was not there last year.”

In his opinion, the military aid announced at a recent summit of partner nations defense ministers at the Ramstein air base would not reach Ukraine in time for this offensive, as the aid – in particular, modern battle tanks – may take longer to reach Ukraine.

Oleksiy Danilov, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, believes that Russia may launch a new offensive on Feb. 24.

Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson Vadym Skibitskyi previously stated that the Russian Federation is preparing for a new attack on Ukraine, and the regrouping of Russian troops in all directions on the front line is currently underway.

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The Donbas will remain one of the priorities of the Russian invaders in Ukraine, Ukrainian intelligence believes.

According to U.S. news outlet Bloomberg, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin aims to wage war against Ukraine for many years, and expects that a new Russian offensive will allow the invaders to seize the initiative from the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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