Russians loot plant in Tokmak, set to retreat in Zaporizhzhia Oblast

The Russians have started looting businesses in Zaporizhzhia Oblast and have developed a plan to smuggle out high-value items due to the challenging situation on the southern front.

Source: Ukraine’s National Resistance Center (NRC)

Details: The NRC has reported that the Russian occupying forces have looted a local forging and stamping plant in the temporarily occupied city of Tokmak. The Russian military took most of the equipment, and its further status is unknown.

Furthermore, the local occupying authorities drafted a plan to take valuables out of the seized city. It will be put into action should the situation worsen for the Russians.

Background: In July, Ivan Fedorov, lawful mayor of temporarily occupied Melitopol, reported that Ukrainian Defence Forces had killed about 200 Russian troops and the Russian-appointed city commandant in Tokmak.

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