Russians invaded Ukraine with maps from 1969 The Security Service of Ukraine


The Security Service of Ukraine has established that part of the Russian command in February was guided by topographical maps of Ukraine from the last century.

Source: Security Service of Ukraine on Telegram

Details: The documents were seized on the spot in the districts of Kharkiv Oblast temporarily occupied by the Russians. In particular, the maps of the motorised rifle battalion of the 138th Separate Guards Motor Rifle Brigade had not been updated for at least 53 years (since 1969).

Quote from the Security Service of Ukraine: "On the maps of the occupiers, the Saltivka residential area of Kharkiv, which was constructed at the beginning of the 1970s, is completely absent.  The Travianske and Muromske reservoirs, built in the seventies, are also missing. And the state border between Ukraine and Russia is drawn with a ballpoint pen, since it was not on the maps at all."


  • In Russia, the quantity of high-precision ammunition has decreased, so it is using outdated missiles and bombs for its bombardments.

  • The Russian occupiers are removing weapons and military equipment from storage in the most remote regions of the Russian Federation.