Russians hit Kharkiv again

Stock photo: Ukrainska Pravda
Stock photo: Ukrainska Pravda

Russian forces attacked the city of Kharkiv again on Saturday evening.

Source: Oleh Syniehubov, Head of Kharkiv Oblast State Administration, on Telegram; Ukrainian Air Force

Quote from Syniehubov: "The invaders attacked Kharkiv once again.

All relevant services have come to assess the scene."

Details: At 21:10, Ukraine's Air Force reported a threat of ballistic missile attacks from the east.


  • At 16:20 on Saturday, Russian troops struck civilian infrastructure in Kharkiv, causing a strong fire at a production facility in Kharkiv's Industrialnyi district, with six people reported injured.

  • Two strikes by Russian Shahed attack drones were recorded in the city of Kharkiv on the night of 3-4 May. A total of four people were injured, including a child.

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