Russians claim attack by Ukrainian drone boats on Black Sea Fleet vessels

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The Russian Ministry of Defence has claimed that Ukraine attacked Black Sea Fleet patrol vessels on the night of 31 July-1 August with unmanned surface vessels, located 340 kilometres southwest of Sevastopol.

Source: Russian Ministry of Defence on Telegram

Quote: "Last night, the Ukrainian armed forces made an unsuccessful attempt using three unmanned surface vessels to attack the Black Sea Fleet patrol ships Sergey Kotov and Vasily Bykov, which are carrying out shipping control tasks in the southwestern part of the Black Sea, 340 kilometres southwest of Sevastopol."

Details: The occupiers said they had supposedly repelled the attack and destroyed all three of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ unmanned vessels.

It is reported that the Russian invaders' ships "are continuing to perform their tasks".


  • Drones attacked the Russian capital on the night of 31 July-1 August, one of them hitting the Moscow City business centre.

  • A drone had previously hit the building of the Moscow City business centre on the night of 30 July.

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