Russians bombard Odesa with drones, wounding 2 people

A shahed kamikaze drone. Stock photo: Getty Images
A shahed kamikaze drone. Stock photo: Getty Images

The Russians launched attack drones at Odesa on the evening of 24 January, hitting residential areas of the city and injuring a man.

Source: Oleh Kiper, Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration

Quote: "Russian terrorists bombarded Odesa with attack drones. There is damage to civilian residential infrastructure.

Fires were recorded. We know about one casualty so far. An Odesa resident suffered burns. Doctors are providing all necessary assistance."

Updated: Kiper clarified that the number of injured has increased to two. A man was hospitalised with multiple cuts. There is no threat to his life.

Update at 00.16: The second explosion occurred at 23.19, when a residential building was hit by an attack drone.

According to local journalists, two women were pulled from the rubble and are alive.

The National Police confirmed that a residential apartment building and a furniture warehouse were damaged as a result of Russia's armed aggression. Fires broke out at the sites and are being extinguished by the State Emergency Service.

All security services are working at the sites. Police officers are recording the aftermath of the Russian attack, collecting evidence of Russia's war crime, interviewing citizens, providing psychological assistance, and ensuring law and order.

Background: The Air Force reported that UAVs were flying from the Black Sea towards Odesa. The Defence Forces of Ukraine’s South reported that air defence systems were responding in Odesa Oblast.

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