Russians taken off train to Belarus due to call-up


Five Russians have been taken off a train from St Petersburg to Belarus; they could not leave the country due to the mobilisation decree.

Source: [Russian outlet] Mediazona, citing an interlocutor who was banned from leaving the country.

Quote: "[Me and - ed.] four men were taken off the train; Border Guards knew their names and the seats that they had reserved. One major, two senior lieutenants and about four masked privates".

Details: The Mediazona source added that he had graduated from a military department at his university but had never served in the army. He was going to go to Minsk and then on to Istanbul.

He also said that he was taken off the train at the Nevel-2 railway station, which is the last one before the border with Belarus.

All of these men were handed notices saying they could not leave the country because of the decree on mobilisation. The notices said that they had to contact their respective military enlistment offices for further explanation.


  • The Kremlin had previously discussed the possibiliity of introducing martial law and baning the male population from leaving Russia.

  • Russian media reported that men of draft age would be forbidden to leave the country after the sham referendums held in occupied areas of Ukraine, citing government sources.

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