Russians banned from sending supply vehicles to the frontline - Ukrainian Intelligence


The Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate has said that Russia is having problems supplying units of its occupying forces. They are reportedly economising on supply vehicles that are supposed to deliver food and fuel.

Source: Ukrainian Chief Intelligence Directorate

Details: According to Ukrainian intelligence, in order not to lose equipment, commanders of logistics units of occupying troops are prohibiting drivers from evacuating the wounded and bringing food and fuel to forward units.

More than 3,000 Russian logistics vehicles continue to be stationed at their permanent deployment points.

The Intelligence Directorate notes that since the beginning of the war, Russian logistics troops have already used more than 45% of the vehicles available.

However, it has turned out that the entire Russian logistics system cannot meet the needs of a significant number of troops located more than 100 km away from its own border.

Background: As of 28 May, the Ukrainians have already destroyed 2,226 of the invaders' vehicles and tankers.