Russians attack Odesa: 4 killed, 32 injured, "Kivalov's Castle" on fire

Photo: Suspilne Odesa
Photo: Suspilne Odesa
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The Russian army has launched a missile strike on the city of Odesa. Four people have been killed and 32 injured, and a fire has broken out in the house of former MP Serhii Kivalov, which is owned by the International Humanitarian University.

Source: Oleh Kiper, Head of Odesa Oblast Military Administration, on Telegram; Suspilne. Odesa; Hennadii Trukhanov, Mayor of Odesa; Ukrainska Pravda sources in law enforcement; press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Quote from Kiper: "Sadly, two people and a dog were killed in the Russian missile attack. Eight more people received injuries of varying degrees of severity. One of those injured is a 12-year-old boy. They are receiving the necessary treatment from the medics.

There is damage to residential buildings and civilian infrastructure."


The Palace of Students of the National University Odesa Law Academy is on fire.

Photo: Suspilne

Update at 20:01: At 19:55, Kiper reported that the number of people injured in the Russian missile attack had risen to 17. At least two of them are in a serious condition.

The mayor of Odesa posted photos of the aftermath of the Russian attack on the city, which show that the roof of the building has been almost completely consumed by the fire.


Photo: Hennadii Trukhanov on Telegram

He also reported that 20 people are known to have been injured.

Sources in law enforcement agencies told Ukrainska Pravda that 17 people have been reported injured and 4 people killed.

Update at 20:47: Kiper confirmed that the death toll of the Russian strike on Odesa has risen to four: three women and one man have been killed.

Quote: "According to initial reports, 28 people have been injured. Among them are two children aged 16 and 5 and one pregnant woman. Four of the wounded are in a serious condition, and doctors are fighting to save their lives."

Update at 21:30: The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that the city of Odesa was attacked by Russian troops, likely with ballistic missiles. The strike damaged civilian infrastructure: residential buildings and an educational institution.

Update at 22:39: Kiper said that as of 22:00, four people are known to have been killed, as well as a dog. Another man died as a result of a stroke brought on by the attack. 32 people were injured, 25 of whom are in hospital, including two children and a pregnant woman. A girl under five is in a critical condition. Six adults are also in intensive care.

Kiper added that the Russians used a ballistic missile, likely with a cluster munition, to hit one of the most popular locations among Odesa residents and visitors, where people were out walking with their children and dogs, and playing sport. He said these munitions are used to destroy military personnel and pose a threat primarily to people, not to equipment or buildings.

This news has been updated since publication.

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