Russians attack industrial facility in Zaporizhzhya

Explosion(illustrative photo)
Explosion(illustrative photo)

Explosions were heard in Zaporizhzhya, an air raid alert was declared in the oblast, Suspilne news outlet reported on April 28.

Head of Zaporizhzhya Regional Military Administration Ivan Fedorov said that Russians attacked an industrial facility in city on 1:37 p.m. EET. According to him, there were no casualties, and information about destructions is still being clarified.

The Ukrainian Air Force warned of threat of ballistic missile use in oblasts where alert was issued.

On April 13, Fedorov said that Russian army was attcking Zaporizhzhya from a distance of about 60 kilometers, with missiles reaching city in 30-40 seconds. Recently, he said, Russia has reduced attacks on oblast with S-300 missiles, but they have been replaced by attack drones, Iskander ballistic missiles, and guided bombs.

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