Russian troops guzzle dirty puddle water amidst supply shortages — video

The Russians do not have any means of filtering
The Russians do not have any means of filtering

Russian invaders, once complaining of a lack of arms and ammunition, now struggle to obtain even basic necessities like drinking water or essential supplies from their command, Ukrainian journalist Yuriy Butusov shared a video on Telegram on April 29, revealing their plight.

The footage depicts Russian soldiers, parched near the settlement of Terny on the Kharkiv front, resorting to drinking water directly from puddles without any means of filtration.

"Water degustation. Cheers!" said a Russian soldier before drinking the murky water.

"I'll get more of it, let him [the commander] drink it, gulp it up."

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"There's no supply, commanders treat soldiers as expendable, leaving them with no option but to settle for water from dirty puddles and condensate," Butusov commented the video.

Their comrades-in-arms who decided to surrender, meanwhile, received water, food, and relatively comfortable conditions in Ukrainian detention centers.

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