Russian troops to continue arriving in Belarus Belarusian Defence Ministry

Personnel, weapons, military and special equipment of the Russian armed forces will continue to arrive in Belarus.

Source: press office of the Defence Ministry of Belarus

Details: Reportedly, the increase in the grouping of the Russian and Belarusian troops takes place "within the framework of ensuring the military security of the Union State [Russia and Belarus – ed.]".

Further combat coordination activities are planned with the units of the Russian Federation arriving at the Belarusian training grounds.

Apart from that, a joint flight and tactical training to increase the level of combat training of the aviation units of both countries is planned.

The Belarusian military insists that the creation of a Russian-Belarusian grouping of troops on the territory of the country seems to be connected with the situation developing near the borders.


  • On 27 December 2022, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said that border guards are not seeing formation of offensive groups in Belarus, which would be ready to invade from the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

  • On 28 December, it became known that Russia has deployed a group of 10,200 troops in Belarus and that this number is not enough for an attack on Ukraine.

  • On 2 January, Russia and Belarus extended the training of the regional joint force of the so-called Union State until at least 8 January.

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