Russian Troops Attacked in Avdiivka Amid Renewed Push From Moscow to Take Key City

Ukrainian Armed Forces launched drone attacks on Russian troops encamped in Avdiivka, amid a renewed push by Moscow to encircle the frontline city, according to a Ukrainian military spokesman.

This footage from Thursday, February 8, posted by the 110th Mechanized Brigade of the Ukrainian army, shows drones dropping explosives onto Russian troops encamped in buildings in the northeast of the Ukrainian-controlled city.

“There are clashes going on not only in the area of private homes north of the city but already within the town itself,” said Ukrainian military spokesman Dmytro Lykhova, as reported by Interfax.

“The enemy’s plan is obvious: he is trying to cut off the Ukrainian forces by entering between the Avdiivka coke plant and the quarry,” Lykhova said, adding that the goal of the Russian forces is the “operational encirclement of the city.”

Lykhova described the situation in Avdiivka as “difficult but under control,” Interfax reported. Credit: Ukraine Armed Forces via Storyful

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