Russian submarine missile carrier deployed to Black Sea amid air defense distraction ahead of missile strikes

Natalia Humeniuk
Natalia Humeniuk
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Amidst recent extensive missile strikes, Russian forces deployed a submarine missile carrier in the Black Sea to divert Ukrainian air defense systems, Ukrainian Operational Command South spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk revealed on March 30.

Missile threat from the Black Sea remains as long as the enemy has missile carriers equipped with Kalibr crusie missiles, said Humeniuk.

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"Fire salvo of the carriers they keep in the bays of Balck Sea is currently estimated as 50 Kalibr missile at once," she added.

"But they are not on combat duty."

Ukrainian forces stated that before massive missile attack on March 29, Russia deployed submarine missile carrier, which remained in the Black Sea throughout the attack and returned to its home base by morning. No launches of Kalibr cruie missiles were recorded during that attack.

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"It is likely that they conducted the same maneuver before this massive attack, they again deployed submarine launcher, possibly to distract air defense systems," she concluded.

March 30 massive missile strike: what is known

Air raid alert was declared in several oblasts of Ukraine due to the threat of a new Russian attack on March 30. It was reported that air defense was operating in Odesa.

In the morning, the Air Force reported that Russian army attacked Ukraine with 12 Shahed-131/136 attack drones and four S-300/S-400 anti-aircraft guided missiles. Air Defense Forces shot down nine Russian attack drones.

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Drones hit an infrastructure facility near Poltava. In addition, a grain elevator in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast ablazed as a result of getting hit by debris falling from downed Russian drones.

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