Russian submarine Kalibr missile carrier enters Black Sea, warns UA Defense Forces

In total, there are five Russian ships on combat duty
In total, there are five Russian ships on combat duty

Russian forces have deployed a submarine missile carrier equipped with up to four Kalibr-type missiles to the Black Sea after a three-week pause, Ukraine’s Southern Defense Forces reported on Telegram on Dec. 20.

There are currently five Russian ships on combat duty in the Black Sea, and one in the Sea of Azov.

The level of missile danger has increased and, as a precaution, the Defense Forces urged people not to disregard air raid signals.

The Russian fleet in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov is less active this winter than last, Ukrainian Southern Defense Forces’ spokeswoman Natalia Humeniuk said on national television on Dec. 17, suggesting that Russia may be waiting for freezing temperatures to intensify operations.

Russia has deployed a new Karakurt-class corvette, also a Kalibr cruise missile carrier, from Tatarstan to the Black Sea, Defense Express reported Dec. 9

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