Update: Russian strike on Novohrodivka, Donetsk Oblast, kills 5

Forensic experts identified the body of the fifth victim of Russia's Nov. 29 missile strike on Novohrodivka in Donetsk Oblast, the National Police reported on Dec. 8.

The body fragments found at the site belonged to a 33-year-old woman, whose husband and eight-year-old daughter were also killed in the Russian attack, according to the National Police.

Rescuers reportedly spent a week looking for the woman under the rubble of a residential building destroyed in the strike. The bodies of her family members were identified earlier.

"At first, they found the child — her grandmother recognized her. When searching for her parents, the rescuers and the police examined more than 500 tons of construction debris twice," the National Police wrote.

Apart from the family, the Russian missile strike on Novohrodivka, which lies less than 40 kilometers northwest of occupied Donetsk, killed two men aged 55 and 62.

Russian forces launched six S-300 missiles on Novohrodivka and two other towns in the Pokrovsk district, injuring 10 people, including four children.

Russia has occupied part of Donetsk Oblast since 2014. Towns and villages near the front line had suffered regular hostilities since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion.

Many of the front-line towns have been badly damaged and largely depopulated as a result.

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