Russian storage point for Grad system ammunition was recently destroyed in occupied Makiivka

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Hanna Maliar, Deputy Minister of Defence, has said that Ukrainian artillerymen destroyed a Russian storage point with artillery shells and missiles for BM-21 GRAD multiple-launch missile system in Makiivka.

Source: Maliar on Telegram

Quote: "Now I can tell more about the strikes on Makiivka. This is a vivid example of the effective work of Ukrainian artillerymen who inflicted fire damage, and aerial scouts who corrected their aim.

A really large storage point was destroyed, where a significant number of artillery shells and missiles for BM-21 GRAD multiple-launch missile systems were stored.

Details: Maliar added that only in the past day, six Russian ammunition storage points were destroyed on the Tavriia front alone.

Earlier: On the evening of 4 July, several explosions were heard in occupied Makiivka, a column of smoke was seen over the city.

The strike on the ammunition storage point in Makiivka occurred in the unfinished Monolit microdistrict. Namely, between the Butovska mine and the city hospital No 2.

The Russian invaders also said that as a result of the shelling of the temporarily occupied Makiivka, a large fire broke out at an oil depot.

Extinguishing the fire at the Makiivka oil depot took about 15 hours.

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