Russian special services behind the pogrom in Dagestan — Ukrainian intelligence

A crowd
A crowd "looking for Jews" at the Makhachkala airport on October 29, 2023
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The anti-Semitic pogroms in Russia's Makhachkala were instigated by Russian security services, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on Oct. 31. 

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During the interview, Yusov responded to an accusation by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, who claimed that the pogroms in Russia were allegedly instigated "from the territory of Ukraine by Western special services."

He reminded viewers that Moscow, since Russian imperial times, remains one of the world's centers of xenophobia and anti-Semitism.

“All these processes are actually controlled by the special services themselves,” said Yusov.

“Starting with the Black Hundreds of the early 20th century, which were managed by the tsarist police. Nothing has changed today. All these actions that we have seen, all these excesses and provocations of anti-Semitism and xenophobia — are the handiwork of Russian special services.”

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Earlier, Putin stated that Ukraine and "Western special services" had allegedly influenced the anti-Semitic pogroms in Dagestan.

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On the evening of Oct. 29, hundreds of people gathered at the Makhachkala airport due to the arrival of a Red Wings flight from Tel Aviv, which was thought to be carrying refugees from Israel.

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The protesters checked cars leaving the airport in search of Israeli citizens and then broke into the airport, including the runways, looking to assault Jewish individuals.

According to official reports, about 20 people were injured, of which 10 were hospitalized, and two are in serious condition.

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