Russian soldiers’ cannabis break at front brutally ended by Ukrainian drone strike – funny video

The Russian invaders relaxed too much
The Russian invaders relaxed too much

Talk about a buzz “kill.”

In what is becoming a commonplace occurrence at the front, more Russian soldiers have staked their claim for the Darwin Award for stupidest way to die after relaxing a little too much following a frontline cannabis session.

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Discipline challenges in the Russian army have consistently hampered its combat effectiveness, with recruits often stemming from the most marginalized sectors, leading to a mix of criminals, alcoholics, and drug addicts rather than disciplined soldiers. These individuals frequently engage in disputes, or downright idiotic behavior, resulting in their own demise.

Defense Forces UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operators shared a perfect example after they witnessed Russian occupiers choosing to unwind with marijuana while on active duty at the front.

Utilizing an improvised marijuana smoking device, colloquially known as a “vodnyk,” positioned at the trench’s edge, the Russians, caught off guard, became an easy target for a targeted Ukrainian drone strike.

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No word on whether the drone operator was rewarded for his (buzz)kill shot.

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