Russian soldier tries to fend off drone with a bottle of water - video

The FPV drone plunged the Russian into real despair
The FPV drone plunged the Russian into real despair

Russian soldiers began to use plastic bottles against Ukrainian drones as shown in a video taken near Avdiivka and published on social networks by soldiers of the unmanned attack aircraft complexes company of the 110th Separate Mechanized Brigade named after Colonel-General Mark Bezruchka.

Bottles were adopted after such means of protection as automatic weapons, sticks, and snowballs turned out to be not so effective.

It shows how the invader, taken by surprise in an open area, swats at the FPV drone, circling around him, with a bottle of water.

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However, despite his best efforts, he was unable to damage the drone, only exhausting himself and becoming even easier prey for the Ukrainian drone operator.

Although the results of the strike are not visible in the published footage, the chances of survival after such an attack without urgent evacuation in case of injury are not particularly high.

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