How Russian reconnaissance drones breach front line explained by military expert

Downed Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone (illustrative photo)
Downed Russian Orlan-10 reconnaissance drone (illustrative photo)

Military expert in communications, RER and REW told how Russian reconnaissance drones manage to cross the front line, Serhii Beskrestnov with call sign "Flash" told Radio NV on April 25.

“First reason why this issue has become relevant is that there are simply a lot of them," Beskrestnov explained.

"When there were few of them, we didn't record such cases as often. Their production in Russia is well established, they produce them in a massive flow. Therefore, they can absolutely accept the fact that a large percentage of these UAVs will be shot down while flying over the front. However, some of them manage to break through.”

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According to military expert, Russian reconnaissance drones also manage to break through to Ukraine because Ukrainian Army does not have specific air defense equipment to combat small drones.

“Firstly, they need to be detected, and secondly, they need to be shot down," he said.

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"We used to have effective systems from our allies, but unfortunately, we now have a shortage of ammunition for them. Because we understand that we need to create a cloud of, let's say, fragments in the air that can hit these UAVs. Because it is inefficient to shoot anti-air missiles that are effective, for example, against airplanes, helicopters, at small UAVs measuring, frankly, two to three meters."

Beskrestnov added that in addition to lack of specific weapons that can hit these small UAVs, Ukraine also lacks electronic warfare equipment.

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“We have technical capability to suppress control channels of these UAVs, but to do so, electronic warfare equipment must be everywhere," he stated.

"This electronic warfare equipment is effective if the UAV is in direct sight."

On April 1, spokesperson for Southern Defense Forces, Natalia Humeniuk, said that Russian military begun to use reconnaissance drones more actively to compensate absence of A-50 long-range radar detection and control aircraft.

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