Russian propaganda suggests NASA tech in Ukrainian drones

Ukrainian drone operator
Ukrainian drone operator

Ukrainian drones are equipped with NASA-grade 'space technology', specifically with materials akin to those used in NASA's Mars missions, reported Russian propaganda outlets.

Dmitry Kuzyakin, the head of the Center for Integrated Unmanned Solutions, cited in these reports, claimed the discovery of batteries in Ukrainian drones that are allegedly the same as those used in NASA's extraterrestrial endeavors.

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Kuzyakin's statements extend to the assertion that these drones also incorporate specialized aluminum alloys, akin to those the U.S. employs in its space program. However, no concrete evidence was provided to back these claims, leaving the assertions hanging in the air.

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While the timing of these statements—just a day before April Fools' Day—could lend a humorous angle to the story, the lack of substantiation casts a shadow over the credibility of these allegations.

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