Russian Patriarch Kirill complains about migrants who don't speak Russian

Vladimir Gundyayev, Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church, has complained of an influx of migrants into Russia who do not speak Russian and, he claimed, are involved in criminal activities.

Source: RIA Novosti, a pro-Kremlin Russian news agency; Interfax.Russia news agency

Quote: "A massive influx of immigrants who do not speak Russian and have no idea about Russian history and culture or our traditions and customs, and who are therefore incapable and often unwilling to integrate into Russian society, is altering the landscape of Russian cities, leading to a deformation of the uniform legal, cultural and linguistic landscape of the country [...]

Insular ethnic enclaves are popping up and growing in major cities and are hotbeds of corruption, organised ethnic crime, and illegal migration. This issue should not be overlooked."

Details: Gundyayev said the problem of "ethnic crime" amid the influx of migrants who do not speak Russian and "have no idea about Russian history and culture" should not be overlooked.

He said even holding a Russian passport does not exempt immigrants from the need to "respect Russian society and traditions".

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