Russian opposition leader Navalny briefly detained

Associated Press
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Russian police officers detain Alexei Navalny, center, after his meeting with supporters in Sokolniki park in Moscow, late Sunday, Aug. 25, 2013. Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption blogger and a leader of the Russian protest movement, will face the incumbent Sergei Sobyanin, who has proven an invisible candidate rarely spotted on the debate floor or shaking hands with voters, in the upcoming Moscow's mayor election on Sept. 8. (AP Photo/Evgeny Feldman)

MOSCOW (AP) — A Russian opposition leader running for Moscow mayor has been briefly detained by police during a campaign rally.

Alexei Navalny, who is also an anti-corruption blogger, was detained late Sunday at an event for infringing "the rights and legal interests of other citizens," an unnamed police official told Interfax news agency.

Navalny was detained immediately after leaving the stage of a campaign event, and released a short time later. About 10 technicians who were working to dismantle the stage were also arrested, according to members of the Navalny campaign.

The detention, which appeared unprovoked, is part of a series of public signals to Navalny, who was given a verbal warning about various alleged campaign violations by the Moscow electoral committee last week.