Russian officers killed in explosion at HQ in occupied Melitopol — HUR

Precision strike: Ukrainian guerillas eliminate Russian officers in Melitopol HQ blast
Precision strike: Ukrainian guerillas eliminate Russian officers in Melitopol HQ blast

An explosion occurred in the occupiers’ headquarters in Melitopol on Nov. 11, resulting in the elimination of Russian officers, the Ukrainian military’s Main Intelligence Directorate or HUR reported on Nov. 12.

“The revenge operation carried out by the local guerilla movement took place in the premises of the Nova Poshta terminal, captured by the Russians, located on Dmytry Dontsov Street (occupiers refer to it as Pavel Sudoplatov Street),” the HUR reported.

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The Russian invaders established their headquarters in the building. The attack on the headquarters occurred just as FSB and Rosgvardiya (Russian National Guard) officers gathered for a meeting there.

An hour before the gathering, the Russians closed traffic on the adjacent road — from the Melitopol Auto-Hydro Aggregate Plant to the former Melitopol Refrigeration Plant Refma.

Both of these facilities have been repurposed into military bases the Russians.

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“As a result of the explosion in the occupiers’ headquarters, at least three Rosgvardiya officers have been eliminated,” reported HUR.

“Information about other enemy losses is being clarified.”

After the strike in Melitopol, chaos ensued — many so-called “police” vehicles with sirens blaring rushed to the scene. After a while, they towed a burnt vehicle to their department headquarters.

This is the second publicly known attack on a Russian headquarters in the occupied territories this week.

The Defense Forces targeted the position of Russian occupiers in Skadovsk, Kherson Oblast, on Nov. 9, resulting in the elimination of several high-ranking Russian Federation officers.

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