Russian missile warhead found in Kyiv's Solomianskyi District — photo

Warhead of a Russian missile
Warhead of a Russian missile

Bomb disposal experts have removed the warhead of a Russian missile that fell near a private residence in Kyiv’s Solomianskyi District on March 25, Kyiv National Police said on March 26.

The day before, while inspecting the site of where one of the intercepted missiles likely landed, the police discovered the warhead fragment with detonators weighing over 20 kg.

The experts disconnected the detonators from the rest of the warhead and removed it for disposal under controlled conditions elsewhere.

The police also urged citizens to be vigilant and to refrain from handling any unknown objects they find, as they can be explosive and toxic.

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On March 25, Russia attacked Kyiv with several hypersonic ballistic missiles launched from occupied Crimea. Due to the extreme velocity of the missiles, the air raid alert was sounded almost simultaneously with them reaching the Ukrainian capital. Although the missiles were intercepted by Ukrainian air defenses, falling debris injured ten people across the city.

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