The Russian Meteor Finally Lands on Stewart and Colbert

J.K. Trotter

After taking President's Day off, both Stephen Colbert (of The Colbert Report) and Jon Stewart (of The Daily Show) returned last night to grasp for the true meaning of the Russian Meteor of 2013 — the 10,000-ton, 17-meter rock from outer space that exploded over the sky last Friday in Chelyabinsk, Russia, injuring thousands before shattering into a million pieces. Colbert focused on the staggering impact such meteors would have on human life if they were even slightly more frequent: "Here's the scary part, folks. We did not see this meteor coming. So clearly we're all going to die in a rain of fire if we don't respond to this wake-up call." Stewart, on the other hand, scrutinized the uniquely Russian trend of mounting video cameras on dashboards — several of which captured the meteor screaming across the sky: "Russia's like a live-action Grand Theft Auto!"

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Watch both segments below:

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